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Served on the Sabbath, holidays, other ceremonial occasions and for everyday consumption, challah is a traditional Jewish yeast bread. It’s rich with eggs and has a light, airy texture. Though it can be formed into many shapes, braided challah is the most classic form. We regularly have braided and square shaped challahs. The square ones are great for French Toast! All challahs come in the following flavors: Plain, raisin and egg. We take special orders for just about any size.

Cinnamon Bread
Challah dough swirled with cinnamon and topped with sugar. Delicious toasted and slathered with butter or eaten freshly sliced.

Delicious yeast bread made with rye and wheat flour. The rye flour decreases the formation of gluten giving rye bread a uniform crumb throughout. The flavor we recognize as "rye" actually comes from caraway seeds which are added to the dough. If you don't usually like rye bread, you should try our seedless rye for a different taste.

Corn Rye
This is the bread of choice for sandwiches such as reubens or tuna melts. The raw bread loaves are rolled in corn meal before being allowed to rise making one of the best crusts on any bread.

Marble Rye
Pumpernickel dough is "marbled" into rye dough and then formed into loaves to make marble rye. This bread was made famous on the show Seinfeld.

Seedless Rye
For folks who aren't excited by the taste of caraway, we offer rye bread without the seeds. Delicious toasted with butter.

Bread made with the addition of a coarse rye flour (i.e. pumpernickel) and caramel color, which gives pumpernickel its distinctive taste and color.

Raisin Pumpernickel
Pumpernickel bread with plump raisins--delicious for breakfast or great with chicken salad!

A hamantasch (also spelled hamentash, homentasch, homentash, pluralized with -en) is a cookie in Jewish cuisine recognizable for its 3-cornered shape. It is eaten during the Jewish holiday of Purim, although they are good all year round! Traditional fillings are poppy seeds (Yiddish mon) or prune, but they are made with many different flavors, including apricot, cherry & apple, and exclusive to House of Bagels, the chocolate walnut hamentash that tastes like a cookie with a chocolate truffle in it! Flavors include Poppy, Prune, Apricot, Apple, Cherry and Chocolate Walnut.

Mexican Wedding Cakes
These delicate shortbread-style cookies are made with chopped, roasted walnuts and then rolled in powdered sugar. A favorite in many cultures, they are also known as Pecan Balls, Snowballs, Swedish Tea Cakes and more.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
The chocolate chip cookie was accidentally developed by Ruth Graves Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn near Whitman, Massachusetts, in 1930. Wakefield was making chocolate cookies but ran out of regular baker's chocolate and substituted broken pieces of semi-sweet chocolate, assuming it would melt and mix into the batter. It did not, and the cookie with chips of chocolate was born. Our secret family recipe makes cookies that are big, delicious, and loaded with chocolate chips.

Oatmeal Cookies
One of our more popular cookies! Our oatmeal cookies are big, buttery and packed to the hilt with raisins and a touch of spice.

The macaroon, a well-known cookie made from coconut, is often seen in Jewish households during Passover since it is leavened with egg whites and therefore meets the dietary restrictions of the holiday. Ours are so delicious, customers come for them year round.

Chocolate Covered Macaroons
Our macaroons made even more decadent by being dipped in semisweet chocolate.

Black and White Cookies
If you didn't grow up in New York, chances are you've never tasted the cake-like cookie topped with matching half moons of dark chocolate and vanilla icing. The black and white cookie is, in fact, not a cookie but a flat, thinly frosted cake, like someone has sat on a cupcake. The key to eating a black and white cookie, according to Jerry Seinfeld, is to get some black and some white in each bite. “Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate,” says Jerry, explaining the art form in episode 74 of Seinfeld.

Light, crispy bow-tie cookies with a sprinkling of sugar. A tasty light snack that's good with a hot cup of tea.

Mandelbrot Cookies
Mandelbrot, which literally means almond (mandel) bread (brot), is a twice-baked hard bread similar to Italian biscotti with almonds, candied cherries and "marbled" with a swirl of chocolate cookie. Great with a drink from our Coffee Bar or a glass of cold milk.

Lindsor Tarts
Decadent Butter cookie sandwiched around raspberry jam and topped with powdered sugar.

Bear Claws
Flakey pastry dough wrapped around a light almond paste and topped with almonds.

Cheese Pockets
A HOUSE OF BAGELS EXCLUSIVE: sweet baker's cheese and raisins wrapped in a pocket of pastry dough and topped with sweet crumbs.

House of Bagels Buns
Morning Buns - swirled with sugar and cinnamon and Sticky Buns - delicious caramel sauce with chopped walnuts throughout.

A traditional Jewish cookie that everyone loves!!! Light, flakey pastry made with a cream cheese dough, filled with walnuts. Flavors include: raspberry, apricot, and chocolate.

Raspberry Tea Cakes
A HOUSE OF BAGELS EXCLUSIVE: Almond flavored cookie wrapped around raspberry preserves, walnuts and raisins and topped with almond pieces, then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Sweet Suzettes
Shortbread butter cookies rolled in chocolate sprinkles and topped with a big dollop of frosting.

Our rich, ultra-chocolaty brownies are sure to satisfy your chocolate craving. We put granulated sugar on the bottom, walnuts inside and top them with chocolate frosting.

Sprinkle Cookies
Shortbread butter cookies topped with candy sprinkles. A favorite of the kids, but a sophisticated butter cookie that adults really appreciate, too!

Introducing...Mini Cookies
Now most of your favorite cookies, hamentashen, and breakfast pastry are available in miniature size. Perfect for favors or a special treat.

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